Snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen..

I have driven past the Dalwhinnie distillery more times than I can remember and have always told myself the next time I’m passing I should pop in.  Having being presented with a bottle of Winter’s Gold at work recently and on a trip up to see my Gran I took the opportunity to do what I’d been procrastinating about for a long time.  However as I was in charge of a child (but lets face it the children are normally in charge of us) we were not able to take the tour this time. We got to watch a very informative video about men in strange hats testing whisky but not actually telling us anything about the whisky, apart from it is the ‘gentle spirit’. Combined with the fact I was driving meant at that specific time I wasn’t learning a whole lot more about the whisky.

So the best thing to is drink some on my return home.  Winter’s Gold is everything I expect from a good Highland whisky.  The deep honeyed flavours are there, a gentle touch of smoke to round off the palate. It is dark and complex but not too challenging.  Enjoyed, like now as a pleasant full stop to a long day.  However I’m not too sure about the tasting recommendations where it says to store in the freezer to truly appreciate the super chilled experience.  I thought that was for cheap lager, and hipsters who don’t like the true taste of Guinness.  Possibly another idea from the marketing departments that the master blenders are so fond of?  May just have to make a return visit.  Hopefully though the time between drams will be measured in something swifter than the glacial periods that carved such a striking landscape.  One that is so good both for creating and enjoying good whisky.

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