Windowshopping Whisky….. Speyside Sightseeing

What do you do when you get delivered a brand new car? You don the Aviator shades, strap 5 year old Iceman into her car seat and go for a spin through the epicentre of Whisky prouduction pretending your in Top Gun, singing Danger Zone at the top of your lungs…. But don’t worry there hasn’t been any shirtless volleyball. No one needs to see that!! (You also visit your 93 year old Gran for her birthday)

It’s been a top couple of days in and around Dufftown and Aberlour where you can’t sneeze without falling over a distillery. But as Iceman isn’t old to tour the distilleries it has been an exercise in window shopping rather than in depth sampling.

Good to remind myself of who is located next to one another (and take a mini pony trek with Iceman) So watch this space for the return vists

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