Friday Night Whisky Shootout

It’s the first Friday Night Whisky Shootout. We’ve got two big gun slingers to start with.  Both from the Ian Macleod stable, it’s a family fall out!

From the West…Glengoyne 12 year old. They might be slow on the distillation, the slowest whisky stills in Scotland but they are quick on the draw with big, bold citrus flavours.  ‘There’s no where for off flavours or average casks to hide’ because of their completely unpeated airdried barley.

Moseying down from Speyside into the thick of the fight is Tamdu. Closed in 2010 but now back open it’s bigger and badder than ever… Purely sherry casked it’s deeper in natural colour with deeper richer flavours of toffee, fruits of the forest and hints of vanilla. It unlike the Glengoyne has had a last cheroot and ground it into the dust with heel of its spur strapped boot. Giving it a subtle whisky smokiness…

So which will come out on top winning the first Friday Night Whisky Shootout? It’s up to you to decide! You can vote on Instagram :  or Twitter @dram_aticdrinks

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