Whisky School

I had the pleasure of immersing myself in Scotch Whisky today at the Scotch Whisky Experience for their whisky school.  After starting the day in the Clive Vedez Collection (the largest privately owned whisky collection in the world) we went deep into all areas of Scotch whisky.  We covered the production process, its competitor dark spirits, history and so many interesting facts that I can’t list them all here.

After a lovely lunch in The Amber restaurant we put our new found knowledge to the test.  We were taken through a guided tasting of the four main geographical areas of Scotch malt whisky.  And then we were let loose to make our own blend.  It was a good experience because you realise that as blends make up 90% of whisky sold it is important no to be sniffy or arrogant toward them.

The day finished with an exam, not an ideal situation after an afternoon of enjoying whisky but I am pretty sure I passed, WATCH THIS SPACE??!!??

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