The forecast is Dark & Stormy

It cannot be denied that the days of glamorous air travel are well behind us.  Gone are the days of the clink of the martini glass and the dashing pilots and cabin crew turning heads as they stride majestically through the airport.  If Luton Airport was anything to go by yesterday, they more resemble a bus station.  Stag and hen parties power drinking their way into their weekends, huge groups of foreign exchange students managing to block any thoroughfare.

A small oasis in the madness is often the whisky sampling desk.  We are offered a tiny thimbleful of liquid by a very enthusiastic sales person, keen to impart their whisky knowledge in the hope of a sale.  We pretend we are seriously thinking about buying a bottle.  The merry dance places itself out to the inevitable promise to go away and think about it and maybe come back and buy a bottle.  We won’t.

One of benefits is the chance to sample some interesting travel exclusives.  This time it was Talisker Dark Storm.  Matured in casks with an increased level of charring, it is what Talisker does best, with the volume turned up.  I has the deep oaky notes so characteristic of Talisker followed by the burnt wood smoke of the charred cask with a honey finish.  But with Dark Storm that burnt wood charcoal is ever more present.  As someone who isn’t mad about heated smoke in my whisky, I do love the charrred oak of Talisker.  Like the fragrant embers of a fire that has burnt itself out, it is lingers, conjuring camping holidays and barbecues.

I did not buy this time, not out of desire mind you.. I’ll go away and think about it, I might be back….

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