Friday Night Whisky Shootout

It's the first Friday Night Whisky Shootout. We've got two big gun slingers to start with.  Both from the Ian [...]

The forecast is Dark & Stormy

It cannot be denied that the days of glamorous air travel are well behind us.  Gone are the days of the clink of [...]

Free Hats & Chicken Bingo – World Whisky Day at The Pitt

Friday Night World Whisky Day Shootout!

So this week in honour of World Whisky Day 20th of May 2017 we have an international flavour to this weeks shoot [...]

Snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen..

I have driven past the Dalwhinnie distillery more times than I can remember and have always told myself the next time [...]

Windowshopping Whisky….. Speyside Sightseeing

What do you do when you get delivered a brand new car? You don the Aviator shades, strap 5 year old Iceman into her car [...]

The Angels’ Share

The results are in from Scotch Whisky Experience Training! I landed a distinction 95% + I'm chalking up the [...]

Whisky School

I had the pleasure of immersing myself in Scotch Whisky today at the Scotch Whisky Experience for their whisky [...]

Musing about boozing, thinking about drinking…

Hello and welcome to  On this page I will be musing about boozing, thinking about drinking and [...]